Monday, March 14, 2011

Updates from Stacey

Hey friends, thanks for your prayers.

I have some updates from Stacey:
1. Zoey has scabies and an umbilical hernia. Scabies are yucky, itchy, and contagious - but treatable with a topical creme. The hernia is not a huge deal, though it could require some minor surgery.
2. We passed Embassy! So Stacey and Karen will definitely be bringing the kiddos back on Thursday, 3/17/11 at 6:30pm. You are all invited to our Airport Party! (see below)
3. The trip has been very hard. Stacey has not slept barely at all due to jet lag and the kids have not been adjusting very well.

How you can be praying for Stacey and Karen:
1. Endurance, endurance, endurance - especially on the plane ride home.
2. That the kids would sleep on the plane ride home.
3. That Zoey would start feeling better and that the hernia would resolve itself and not need surgery.
4. That God would use this time to draw Stacey and Karen closer to himself and remind them of his love in the midst of trials.


the Philpots said...

There's some info about scabies and treatment on an Ethiopian adoption medical report online at Hope it's helpful!

Lauren King said...

Thanks for this update! We will continue to pray and the poster is now posted at AWC! Can't wait for thursdy!