Monday, August 30, 2010

Know any Good Baby Names?

We need your help! We have been able to successfully come up with middle names for our two future kiddos, but we haven't been able to decide on first names. We'd love to get some feedback from our friends and family...

Which boy name do you like the best:
Ethan, Tyler, James, Timothy, Luke, Levi or Eli?

Do you have any other boy name suggestions?

And do you like the name Jada for a girl? If so, which spelling do you like the best:

Jayda or Jada

Do you have any other girl name suggestions?

Thanks so much!


Jenn Philpot said...

I love the name Timothy, and Ethan is a good one too. I think I like Jayda over Jada.

Leslie said...

definitely got to hear the middle names to see if they fit the first names before we can decide!

Lauren King said...

I still LOVE Levi for a boy. And I like the girl spelling with a "y"