Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Discouraged but Trusting

We have had some communication with the director of Celebrate Children recently and have discovered some even more disappointing news. It was our previous understanding that the boy that we are hoping to adopt (Mengistu) had already passed his medical tests and that we were just waiting for Sena. We now understand that neither of them have had the HIV tests and we are still on hold until both of them can get to the hospital. This is hard because it places us in a position of not really knowing when we will be able to adopt or even if these are the children that we are adopting. So...we are discouraged.

Please pray for us as we trust the Lord during these trials. We know that he is sovereign and good and we do not doubt that he "works all things together for the good of those who love him" (Romans 8:28). That being said, life in an orphanage is hard and we long to bring these children into our home.

So, if you will pray to our Sovereign God for us the following things:
  • That both children (Mengistu and Sena) would quickly be able to have blood tests done.
  • That both children would pass their blood tests and not have HIV.
  • That everything would move quickly enough that we could get a court date before the courts shut down for the rainy season in Ethiopia *we are praying that we would be able to have a court date on July 7th.
  • That we would trust the Lord and rest knowing that He loves us and loves to help orphans.
  • That many orphans would be adopted and hear and trust in the name of Christ.


jrf said...

Hang in there!

God is Good All the Time

Patti said...

Oh, Hares, I am so sorry to hear this news and that you are feeling discouraged. I will pray for you both.

B said...

we love you both

trenthunter said...

We love your family very much. We wait with you.