Friday, March 20, 2009

We Got Pictures!!!!!! Now with a link!

Hey family and friends. We just received some awesome pictures of some cute little babies. Perhaps you would like to see them? Well, I cannot post them online, so if you would like to see them email me!

NEW INFO: looks like these kids cannot be assigned to us formally until they have had their medical testing. The little boy was found on the side of the road (how sad). They are both around 3 weeks old and seem to be very healthy. Presuming that everything goes extremely well, we could have them home in August! Please pray that they would be healthy and that things with the courts would go well. I will write when I know more.

NEWER INFO: I set up a password protected site that allows people to look at the pictures!

The link is:

The password is Stacey's middle name (capitalized). If you need that and do not know it, let me know!

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