Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Naming the Children! We Need Help!

Well, as we are drawing nearer to adopting the children we are realizing that we are going to need to come down on some names for them. Since we are adopting one boy and one girl (Lord willing) we are going to need a boy name and a girl name. Here are some of our ideas:

Girl: Evie, Jordan

Boy: Tyler, Ethan

SO, if you are willing to help us out, vote for your favorite (or suggest another good one). I think it would be weird to have Ethan and Evie (too similar) so keep that in mind.

PS The girl in the photo's name is Zenha and she was adopted through Celebrate Children as well, so that name is taken.


Tyler & Laura Gates said...

I think I'm pretty ok with Tyler

Ashlea Davenport said...

Evie and Tyler, definitely. By the way, I am so very excited for you!

jr said...

Evie and Ethan ... although, then you'd have to deal with alliteration I guess ... in which case, Evie takes priority.

don't let me down guys.

Colleen said...

You might want to consider a name native to Ethiopia (the student I had is named Saada - it fits her). Of course, ANY names you choose will be perfect for my grandchildren!! :-) Love you! Mom Hare

solagratia said...

I think Evie Jordan and Tyler Ethan make great first and middle names for each child!

Jamie said...

I'm digging Evie and Ethan as well, unless you decide to go with the names I picked out...LOL :)

jrf said...

Evie and Tyler.

trenthunter said...

Tyler all the way. I have a brother named Tyler.

Dave Hare said...

For Tracking purposes, here are the responses from Facebook:

Melissa - Jordan and Tyler
Liz - Evie and Tyler
Krissa - Jordan
Jaime - Samuel and Libbie
Jonathan - Jonathan and William ...
Kristen - Holly
Veloz - The Honkey Tonk Man ...
Stephanie - Evie and Ethan

J.C. said...

I vote for Evie for the girl, and J.C. for the boy. ;-) So, I vote for Jordan for the boy first name, and something with a C for the middle name.

Jessica Marie said...

I most definitely like Evie. I have a woman who helps me lead college group who i LOVE named Evie, and I just recently thought i also love her name. I definitely am saying no on Ethan. It reminds me of Ethan Allen, and i just don't think it fits. Tyler works...what about Isaiah?! i love that name. i might use it someday though...but who knows, so i say GO for it!